Standards implemented by Apache SIS

Apache SIS implements the following standards from the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) or the Java Community Process (JCP). The same standard is sometime published jointly by both OGC and ISO organizations. Links to free versions of the standards are given when available. The Upgrade needed column indicates that a more recent version of the standard is available but that Apache SIS has not yet been upgraded to that version. Some standards are implemented partially, others almost fully.

ISO standard OGC / other Upgrade needed Title
ISO 19103:2015 Conceptual schema language
ISO 19115-1:2014 OGC Topic 11 Metadata — fundamentals
ISO 19115-2:2019 Metadata — extensions for imagery and gridded data
ISO 19115-3:2016 Metadata — XML schema implementation for fundamental concepts
ISO 19139:2007 Metadata XML schema implementation
ISO 19111:2007 OGC Topic 2 ISO 19111:2019 Spatial referencing by coordinates
ISO 19111-2:2009 ISO 19111:2019 Referencing — extension for parametric values
ISO 19112:2003 ISO 19112:2019 Spatial referencing by geographic identifier
ISO 19162:2015 OGC 12-063 ISO 19162:2019 Well-known text representation of coordinate reference systems
OGC 01-009 Coordinate Transformation Services
ISO 19109:2015 OGC Topic 5 Rules for application schema
ISO 19136:2007 OGC 07-036 Geography Markup Language (GML) Encoding Standard
OGC 01-004 Retired Grid Coverage
OGC 19-008 GeoTIFF format
OGC 10-092 NetCDF binary encoding: classic and 64-bit offset format
OGC 16-114 Moving Feature netCDF encoding
OGC 14-084 Moving features Comma Separated Values (CSV) encoding
OGC 14-084 Simple feature access — SQL option
ISO 19143:2010 OGC 09-026 Filter encoding
OGC 09-083 GeoAPI 3.0.1
JSR 363 JSR 385 Units of Measurement API